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[ Intro | Download | Links ] ZXCC page ZXCC is a two-purpose CP/M 2/3 emulator allowing: Hi-Tech C for CP/M to be used as a cross-compiler under Unix. The CP/M build tools (MAC, RMAC, GENCOM, LINK) to be used under DOS or Unix. A lot of the functionality of ZXCC is wrapped up in two separate libraries - CPMIO (terminal emulation) and CPMREDIR (filesystem emulation). The libraries are LGPLed and should be fairly easy to use separately from ZXCC. For example, the stable version of CPMREDIR is also used in my JOYCE PCW emulator. The main feature of CPMIO is multiple terminal emulations, as seen in MYZ80 under DOS. Current emulations are VT52, VT100 and native (no emulation). CPMREDIR allows directories on the host system to appear as CP/M drives.

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brew install zxcc

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