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zBoy is a multi-platform, open-source GameBoy emulator. that provides a load/save feature, can perform PCX screenshots and emulates an internal battery for ROMs that were designed to use one. It is also one of the very few emulators that make it possible to play games in 2-players mode over LAN, emulating a link between two consoles. zBoy supports many additionnal features, too, like intelligent saving of hi-scores for some games that aren't able to save their hi-scores table by themselves because of the lack of a battery-backed RAM on the cartridge, and improving screen's resolution output using graphic algorithms like Scale2x, Scale3x, Eagle... Here you can see a comparison between graphic algorithms supported by zBoy. zBoy allows to play GameBoy games using a keyboard or a joypad (or both). The emulator is available for Linux, DOS and Windows (but should compile for other systems without much headache as well). If you are looking for some ROMs to test zBoy with, you can download a game pack of few public domain GameBoy games here. Note, that I do not, and will not provide any commercial ROMs.

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