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vcprompt: version control information in your prompt ==================================================== vcprompt is a little C program that prints a short string with barebones information about the current working directory for various version control systems. You configure your shell to include the output of vcprompt in your prompt, and you get version control information in your prompt. vcprompt is designed to be small and lightweight rather than comprehensive. Currently, it has varying degrees of support for Mercurial, Git, Subversion, CVS, and Fossil working copies. vcprompt has minimal dependencies: it does as much as it can with the standard C library and POSIX calls. It should work on any POSIX-compliant system with a C99 compiler.

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Install Vcprompt

brew install vcprompt

Dependencies 2

The following 2 dependencies will be installed if you install Vcprompt:

Autoconf and Sqlite.