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STklos is a free Scheme system compliant with the languages features defined in R5RS. The aim of this implementation is to be fast as well as light. The implementation is based on an ad-hoc Virtual Machine. STklos can also be compiled as a library and embedded in an application.The salient points of STklos are:an efficient and powerful object system based on CLOS providingMultiple Inheritance, Generic Functions, Multi-methods an efficient MOP (Meta Object Protocol) a simple to use module system a full tower of numbers implementation, as defined in R5RS, easy connection to the GTK+ toolkit, a Perl compatible regular expressions thanks to the PCRE package, easily extensible with its ScmPkg mechanism, it implements properly tail recursive calls.

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Install Stklos

brew install stklos

Dependencies 3

The following 3 dependencies will be installed if you install Stklos:

BdwGc, Gmp and Pcre.