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SDF is a language for defining syntax. It provides for an unprecedented level of conciseness in syntax definitions. First, syntax can be defined in modules. Second, lexical and context-free syntax are integrated in a single formalism in which the complete syntax of a language can be defined. Third, SDF includes declarative disambiguation constructs. Therefore, there is no need to introduce non-terminals to deal with ambiguities in a language. Some useful places to start: An overview of the unique features of SDF Pointers to SDF documentation Download the implementation of SDF Research papers about SDF Find SDF grammars for many languages here Subscribe to the mailing list for announcements and discussions. Organization of the development of SDF related software How to report bugs.

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Install Sdf

brew install sdf

Dependencies 2

The following 2 dependencies will be installed if you install Sdf:

Aterm and Pkg-config.