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The current version of MP3Info is 0.8.5a -- released November 14, 2006. This is primarily a bug fix release relative to version 0.8.4. Check out the Change Log to see what's new. I apologize to all you fine folks out there who have contributed patches and suggestions that haven't been integrated yet. Adding ID3V2 support is, unfortunately, monopolizing most of my development time.     Source: mp3info-0.8.5a.tgz     Binary (Red Hat/Fedora Linux - i386): mp3info-0.8.5a-1.i386.rpm     Binary (Windows): Why isn't this version 0.8.5a? Because the only difference between 0.8.5 and 0.8.5a does not affect the Windows version. For the protocol challenged, MP3Info is also available via HTTP Current and previous versions are available here.

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