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IntelliJ IDEA plugins, YouTrack vNext, CRM apps, new products etc. JetBrains Using Kotlin for the Front-End Web Industrial Geodetic Systems Kotlin in backend, data processing and service development Prezi.com Using Kotlin in data processing pipeline, ElasticSearch plugins, and IDE plugins Bremeld Corp SA Medication Control - Android Application Igor Fomin Data schema compiler for TL language implemented in Kotlin Telegram Facebook Game with over 10K users daily. Written in Java and all new code in Kotlin Wrestler.Unstoppable Android Application used internally Plastoria Android Application. Using Kotlin since M2 Uncopt LLC Using Kotlin to build a new Vertical Product with team of five GMC True Fool. A Durak card game for Android written in Kotlin and libGDX JackOfHearts Expressen's Android application. Expressen Android news application with 96.6% code written in Kotlin Schibsted Tech Polska (Omni) Most new non-UI code written in Kotlin Level Money Fuzzy app/contact search and new UI written in Kotlin AppDialer Android app for searching bus trips with 99% of code written in Kotlin Busradar (Busliniensuche) Reedy ??? Intelligent speed reading application for Android written in Kotlin AzaGroup Everything that isn't JavaScript front-end is Kotlin. Combined with Vert.x, Apache Spark, ElasticSearch Collokia Using Kotlin in mobile applicatons and backend Edible Day About 25% of LOLSUMO Android app currently in Kotlin (w/ Dagger2, RxKotlin) ; all new code and tests in Kotlin. Dojo Madness Android app for helping first responders written in Kotlin Bryx 911 Cloud-based enterprise and professional photography acquisition and workflow. Using Kotlin for server-side code and a desktop Download application. DF Studio Using Kotlin in the 3DR Tower Android app, the best open source drone flight control app. 3D Robotics Built an Android app in the social selling space for Fortune 500 companies. Trapit Android app for Wizbii, a professional social network for students and young graduates. Wizbii Kotlin allows us to focus on building a robust and beautiful Android voice communication app Roger Kotlin is gaining more and more lines of code in our Android SDK and internal libraries, shared between Android and Java8 backend. Catapush We have found that Kotlin dramatically speeds up development time on Uprizer's diverse projects Uprizer Labs SeFix, a lagfix for Root users (100% migrated to Kotlin). ZDV Android apps related to robotics, 3D printing, IoT and much more. BQ Using data science to improve agriculture. Most new Android code written in Kotlin. FarmLogs Millions of fashion people is using StyleShare for Android. Most new code written in Kotlin. StyleShare Software House from Warsaw. All new Android apps written in Kotlin. EL Passion Using Kotlin in some new apps such as dayu(dayu.com), Using Kotlin in some new internal apps in Innovation Product Department. Meizu We provides dating apps in Japan. Using Kotlin in new Android apps. Diverse, inc. Collaborative tools maker. Use Kotlin in Android App for task management. Nulab Inc. Backend microservices based on Spring Boot. Allegro Group. Using Kotlin to write cleaner ViewModels with Rx in our Android app TinyOwl Technology Pvt. Ltd. NBC News, TODAY and Nightly News Android apps using Kotlin. NBC News Digital, LLC Kotlift transpiler lets us write business logic in Kotlin for Android and iOS. Moshbit GmbH With Android app based on Kotlin, we make all back-office tasks more efficient. freee K.K. Empowers your enterprise to finish projects on time. All Android apps are written in Kotlin. Taskworld Global IT service provider. We use Kotlin in several customer and internal automation projects. Luxoft A marketplace to sell, buy and swap second-hand clothes. Using Kotlin for the Android app. Vinted The largest app to request taxis in Brazil! Rewriting our Android apps in Kotlin. 99 Increasing productivity by using Kotlin for our Android app. Connehito Inc. Kotlin is a primary language for Android projects Avito The largest site in Poland, which helps everyone find and choose a doctor and arrange a visit to him online ZnanyLekarz Hudl is a leading video software company revolutionizing the way coaches and athletes prepare for and stay ahead of the competition. Our app uses Kotlin extensively across multiple layers. Hudl Using Kotlin to drive two of our customer's apps Infotech Group Crafting and maintaing apps for our clients in Kotlin and Java. Outline Sp z o.o. Clue uses science and data to provide insights into female health. All new Android code is written in Kotlin. Clue Recharge lets you book by-the-minute stays at hotels. Android app is 100% Kotlin. Recharge Hootsuite is a platform for managing social media. All new Android code is written in Kotlin. Hootsuite Kotlin is a primary language for BandLab's Android application and Gradle plugins BandLab Modernizing Moving and Storage.

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