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Hello and thanks for downloading Herrie! This document will discuss a small set of subjects that will help you install and use Herrie, but also ways to contact the developers to report bugs and such. - What is Herrie? - How should I pronounce it? - What kind of platforms will it run on? - What are the dependencies of Herrie? - How do I compile and install Herrie? - I've installed it - now what? - How do I contact you (report bugs, ask questions, etc)? What is Herrie? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Herrie is a minimalistic music player that uses the command line. It is written to support a variety of operating systems, audio subsystems and file formats, including playlists. Herrie has a split-screen user interface, with a playlist at the top of the screen and a file browser at the bottom. When tracks are added to the playlist, Herrie automatically consumes them one by one. It is thus an application that allows you to batch music for playback. How should I pronounce it? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Herrie is actually a Dutch word. Its meaning is similar to the English word 'clamour' (loud noise). Just pronounce it as the English given name 'Harry' and you are a long way.

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Install Herrie

brew install herrie

Dependencies 7

The following 7 dependencies will be installed if you install Herrie:

Gettext, Glib, Libid3tag and 4 other formulas.