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About DUMB DUMB is an IT, XM, S3M and MOD player library developed by Robert J Ohannessian, Julien Cugnière and me, Ben Davis. XMMS, Beep Media Player and Winamp 2.x/5.x plug-ins are available on this site too. Here is the statutory feature list for DUMB: Freeware Supports playback of Impulse Tracker (IT), Scream Tracker 3 (S3M), Fast Tracker 2 (XM) and Amiga Module (MOD) files Faithful to the original trackers, especially IT; if it plays your module wrongly, please tell me so I can fix the bug! (But please don't complain about differences between DUMB and ModPlug Tracker) Accurate support for low-pass resonant filters for IT files Very accurate timing and pitching; completely deterministic playback Click removal Facility to embed music files in other files (e.g. Allegro datafiles) Three resampling quality settings: aliasing, linear interpolation and cubic interpolation Number of samples playing at once can be limited to reduce processor usage, but samples will come back in when other louder ones stop All notes will be present and correct even if you start a piece of music in the middle Option to take longer loading but seek fast to any point before the music first loops (seeking time increases beyond this point) Audio generated can be used in any way; DUMB does not necessarily send it straight to a sound output system Can be used with Allegro, can be used without (if you'd like to make DUMB more approachable to people who aren't using Allegro, please contact me at the address in the documentation) Makefile provided for DJGPP, MinGW, Linux, BeOS and Mac OS X Project files provided for MSVC 6 Autotools-based configure script available as a separate download for masochists Code should port anywhere that has a 32-bit C compiler; instructions on compiling it manually are available in readme.txt "I must say so far, this is the most amazing development I have seen yet as far as a sound lib goes, and your devotion to the project is an inspiration XD ... I really like this clear sound I get, when I track stuff with resonance filters in MPT, it sounds muffled, and played back in XMPlay with filter envelopes, it sounds not only muffled but distorted. I played it with the new DUMB and it sounded clear :O ... when I quickly jumped from low reso to high ... [XMPlay] did something funky ... but your player plays it 'just right' :3" - Nobuyuki` "Having done a lot of tracking and coding for MODs and S3Ms in the past, I can appreciate the work going into this lib. Keep up the good work!" - Sirocco "That's great news! :) :) If it really works I'll consider starting to use it instead of FMod. Not many extensions and programs play IT files correctly, so be proud of yourself!" - Fladimir da Gorf "By the way before I forget, I gotta congratulate you on dumb, I've tried it with various mods, and that's one mean playing machine. It's comparable to FT2s own playback quality. I'm not a heavy mod feature user, but everything I've tried, sounded right." - Funklord "DUMB is the best music lib I've ever used.

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