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abcm2ps is a command line program which converts ABC to music sheet in PostScript or SVG format. It is an extension of abc2ps which may handle many voices per staff. Here are an (old) example, its features and some documentation. Latest stable version: 7.8.7 (320Kb) (Changelog) Development version: 8.1.5 (246Kb) (Changelog) Older stable versions: 6.6.22 (291Kb) 5.9.25 (249Kb), 4.12.30 (209Kb), 3.7.21 (191Kb), 2.11.3 (171Kb), 1.6.12 (134Kb) Binaries: Many binaries (Linux, MS-Windows, MAC) may be found in the ABC Plus home page. For Atari MINT, here is a rpm package (maintained by Martin Tarenskeen). Here is a abcm2ps example of static XHTML formatting using a Bourne shell script. New: abc2svg is a Javascript program with (almost) all the features of abcm2ps. It should work in any web browser. Look at this page for more information. abcmplugin-1.0.1 (26Kb) is a simple plugin for WEB browsers which offers dynamic rendering of ABC files referenced or embedded in HTML/XHTML pages. For more information, look at the README. If you need transposition, you may use this perl script ( - 2008/12/23) from Matthew J. Fisher and updated by Sebastian Orlowski, Christopher David Lane and Christoph Dalitz. If you want a tune index, you may run this Tcl script (abcmaddidx.tcl - 2014/07/01) as a back end for PostScript output or this one (abcmaddidx2.tcl - 2013/11/02) for XHTML output.

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