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Precomp utility Current version: Precomp v0.4.6, lprepaq v1.3, paq8o8pre v2 Download - Changes - Results - FAQ - Contact Precomp on GitHub Precomp and the source code are now available on GitHub. What is Precomp? Precomp is a command line precompressor. You can use it to achieve better compression on some filetypes (works on files that are compressed with zLib or the Deflate compression method, and on GIF files). Precomp tries to decompress the streams in those files, and if they can be decompressed and "re"-compressed so that they are bit-to-bit-identical to the original stream, the decompressed stream can be used instead of the compressed one. The result is a .pcf file (PCF = PreCompressedFile) that contains more decompressed data than the original file. Note that by default, the result file is compressed using bZip2, but you can also turn off compression to get a file larger than the original file and compress it with a method stronger than bZip2. This will lead to even better compression results. Since version 0.4.2, Precomp is available for Linux, too. The Linux and Windows versions are completely compatible, PCF files are exchangeable between Windows and Linux systems.

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brew install precomp

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