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AbouteZ publish empty translation creation. ezlupdate is the general way to create .ts ( located in share/translations or extension/ezexample/translations ) files for the system (eZ publish)InstallationPlease read the README installation instructions.Before building the programThe linguist is not provided with eZ publish 3, as this is distributed in the Qt library available from Trolltech.The following assumes that you are building under unix. If you have a commercial licence of Qt for Windows and/or Mac OS X, you can build it in a similar way. If you don't have such a licence, you can get binaries from eZ systems.First, make sure that you have the Qt library installed. If you use a package system such as RPM, make sure that you also have the qt-devel package. You need version 4.0 of the Qt library.If you build ezlupdate against the Qt/X11 library, it will require X11 to run, even though it is a console program. If you have installed eZ publish on a server without X11 it is recommended that you build ezlupdate against Qt/embedded.DependencieseZ publish 3 requires two programs to create and maintain translations, 'ezlupdate' and 'linguist'.These programs are based on the same tools from the Qt toolkit by Trolltech (www.trolltech.com). The unix version of this toolkit is released under the GPL. eZ systems will provide binaries for Windows and Mac OS X.The linguist is unmodified from the Qt original, so you also can get this from other sources, such as RPMs.

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Install Ezlupdate

brew install ezlupdate

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