Biogeme is an open source freeware designed for the maximum likelihood estimation of parametric models in general, with a special emphasis on discrete choice models. Two versions of the software are avaible. Pythonbiogeme is designed for general purpose parameteric models. The specification of the model and of the likelihood function is based on an extension of the python programming language. A series of discrete choice models are precoded for an easy use. Bisonbiogeme is designed to estimate the parameters of a list of predetermined discrete choice models such as logit, binary probit, nested logit, cross-nested logit, multivariate extreme value models, discrete and continuous mixtures of multivariate extreme value models, models with nonlinear utility functions, models designed for panel data, and heteroscedastic models. It is based on a formal and simple language for model specification. The current release is Biogeme 2.5. Previous releases can be found here. If you are new to Biogeme, it is better to learn PythonBiogeme, which is more powerful and flexible. Ultimately, BisonBiogeme will not be maintained and PythonBiogeme will be the only version available. The software is developed in C++ and can be used on various platforms (Mac OS X, Linux, Windows).

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Install Biogeme

brew install biogeme


The following dependency will be installed if you install Biogeme: